celebrate love for cycles and feel your passion. only 1h from Nice international airport you find one of the best playgrounds in Europe. 300+ sunny days per year, more than 1 million curves, beautiful nature with mountains and ocean, fantastic food, ferry for Corsica & Sardegna


the lovecycles hangar is start and finish line. it is a castle for cycles – custom motorcycles and bicycles. the hangar allows you to spend quality time

hangar lodges 14 motorcycles with an exclusive parking bay on a black carpet for each bike. bikes are presented like art. each parking bay has an exclusive locker for gear.  

hangar is well equipped with workbench, basic tools, rack and room for equipment, air compressor, individual lock for each locker and charging for the motorcycle batteries at each parking bay, air compressor

hangar facilities include WIFI, lounge area, meeting / conference room, kitchen, restroom, workout, shower, bathtub, washing machine, tumble dryer, code access, strong security  





my name is patrick. the village of Cipressa feels like home. it is a peaceful and beautiful place. it is a fountain of ever lasting friendship and heritage. the hangar was created to pay homage to friendship, passion, freedom and cycles.